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cj_fangrrl's Journal

White House Chief Of Staff's Office
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A community created for fans of The West Wing's fun-loving, smart, sexy, witty and powerful former Press Secretary, later turned Chief Of Staff, CJ Cregg.

Fanart, Fanfic, icons, video clips, screencaps and Photos are all welcome and please feel free to discuss anything pertaining to either CJ or the wonderful actress who portrays her, Allison Janney.

Community Rules

1. When posting Photos, only images not exceeding 480px in width may go above the cut and no more than 4. All others beneath the cut.
2. When posting icons, you may post up to six above the cut as long as they all contain either CJ or Allison. If your icons are part of a multi-fandom icon post, please indicate so and the number that are of CJ or Allison Janney.
3. When posting fanfiction, please place Author, Title, Pairing, Rating, and Summary above the cut and the story beneath. Do not just merely leave a link to your website.

Many thanks to crushing83 for letting us use her artwork of Allison for part of the journal background.


CJ's history

Allison Janney: Allison Adorable - Photobucket account with 1000 images and photos of Allison from all sorts of different events.

The Allison Janney Fansite A great nostalgic old fan site. Domain maintained but has not been updated in years. Has lots of TWW photos and scans from the early years of the show.

For West Wing Screencaps: Screenmusings.net.

Go here for screencaps of Allison from her various movie roles including A Girl Thing, American Beauty, and The Hours.

For show and character information, episode guides, fanart, icons and quizzes: The Oval Office

For Fanfic:

Allison's Girlfriend
AKE West Wing Fanfic

Crimson Champagne: West Wing Fanart - Wallpapers and fanvids