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One of the boys. [May. 18th, 2010|02:00 pm]
White House Chief Of Staff's Office


One of the boys.
Harmless drabble.
Pairings: CJ/Danny
Rated: Child
Disclaimer: Show/characters not mine.
Feedback welcomed.

Two days into this trip and Danny was already in need of a break. He had been asked to join the President, First Lady and senior staff up to Camp David. The East Wing schedule didn't allow much time for the First Lady to give exclusives and he was in real need of material. Danny was working on his second book about this family and in as much as they were still in office, nothing was being finished on time.

Danny was on his way back to his cabin after a tedious two hours with Mrs. Bartlet. He knew the guys from senior staff were no strangers to pick- up games on the property's basketball court. A quick stroll by the courts and he might join such a game. As he approached the predetermined area he could hear the distinct sound of a ball bouncing and men talking trash. This was to be expected. What he hadn't expected was to see that goddess of a Press Secretary playing with her boys. The almost-too-short shorts and flimsy Berkeley t-shirt  she was wearing were enough to make him stay and watch. It took Danny a moment to take his eyes off CJ and notice that she --paired with Charlie-- was stomping the competition. Jump shot from inside the three point line and -- that damn shirt is so distracting-- swish. Nothing but net. That's my girl. Well, not technically, but I'm working on it. After a few well-worded put downs from the winning team CJ noticed Danny lurking. She flashed him a warm, sincere smile before checking the ball to Toby. Danny quickly shot a smile back. Conflict of interest or not, she was falling for him too.